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Secured cryptocurrency marketplace

Our e-commerce marketplace rely on cryptocurrencies payment to connect customer with your brand directly. This unique design help customer to sell directly without intermediaries.


Build and Grow

Improved conversion

Rich content, pictures that deliver your brand story

Sponsored brand

Beneficiate from improved SEO and internal search result

Customized Store

Free self-service store to advertise about your products and attract customers

Brand analytics

Check your brand dashboard for data analytics and personalized recommendation


We make sure each transaction are protected. Our review system also inforce customer trust in your products.


Set your shipment fees directly on the brand das. We are compatible with Fedex, UPS.


No fee and subscription on your sales, we only charge per transaction via our 1% policy


Our marketplace improve your customer satisfaction

Secured review system

Personalized Store

Secured multicurrencies transactions: ETH, xDAI, ADA, SOL, MATIC, DJED...

Customer support always available

Brand dashboard with CRM and analytics tool

Optimized SEO system


What they are saying about us

The marketplace helped me take something that I put my heart and soul into and share it with people that need it and find it useful.

Jack Henry

JHWatch - Owner

The marketplace has helped us build the brand and quickly scale up.

Sara Wilsson

MataMata - Designer

Platform feature were essential to track and follow up with customers.

Jena Karlis

Fluevogue Shoes - Owner


Frequently Asked Questions

Our marketplace doesn't integrates delivery service however we integrate with Fedex and UPS for delivery.

Please find our following guideline to setup a wallet on Coinbase or Binance. We can also create a personal wallet.

In the brand dashboard you will find all the order in the "Order" section

You can manage your cryptocurrencies address in the "Payments" section.

If customer get an issue you may need to send the amount back to customer wallet and change the status of the order.

Because of cryptocurrencies volatility we recommend to use stablecoin such as xDAI or DJED as your default payment.


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