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Our open source solution based on tokens and transaction protect efficiently your physical and digital asset.

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Our solution preserve keep trace of weight, geolocation, quality at no cost


Data are open and can be access from QR code, barcode, RFID


Tailored for certification and traceability project


Saved on the blockchain reducing risk of data loss, corruption, fraud


Blockchain based architecture can be efficiently used to keep product traceability. Token and transaction metadata can help to create a traceability system directly on the blockchain.


A blockchain wallet is a digital wallet composed of public and private keys that allows one to manage cryptocurrency. Wallets have a receiving address and a unique identifier such as a staking address.


Blockchain tokens are chunks of information stored on the blockchain to attest to file ownership that can represent a physical or digital item. Token metadata (text information structure in a JSON like format) store product property and details. Product information will be always accessible immutable and the manufacturer can claim the ownership digitally.

Transaction Metadata

Essential information about a batch creation or product transfer are contains in metadata. This information indicates previous transaction, receiver, product and batch, amount transferred. Metadata content allow to trace transaction backward and can be verified automatically using a blockchain explorer.

Social Network

Blockchain can contain public information store in a decentralized manner directly in the token metadata transaction. Every publication can be identified by a unique transaction hash. User will login using their wallet, information can be used cross platform and created out of one specific platform. User can be free of which information he will access.

  • Open Access
  • Decentralized
  • Immutable


Certification is necessary for everyone to prove his degree. Blockchain token can represent a certification or diploma, then a transaction can designate graduated student by their wallet in the metadata.

Check a diploma example Github

Products traceability

Metadata can indicates product origin, amount transferred, previous transaction and receiver. Such system will help to trace transaction backward and can be verified automatically using a blockchain explorer making blockchain traceability easy to deploy

Check the tomato supplychain

  • Provenance
  • Quantity
  • Certification

Case study

This blockchain solution is flexible and can be adapted to fit multiple use cases for certification, food and pharmaceutical supplychain system

We offer our services for free to develop pilot and implement this traceability solution with your use case. Feel free to contact us we will get back to you as soons as possible!


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